Relationship: Im/migrant
 A chain that signify my leadership and royalty.
A chain that signify my leadership and royalty.

 This chain mean so much to me. Africa is a continent full of kings and royalty. I am from western part of Africa a beautiful country called Ghana. Ghana is a country were kings are prominent in the society.The capital of Ghana is Accra. I was born and raised in kumasi another city in Ghana, My father’s family has a ownership of land and many mineral source because they are royals. The chain was being passed from generation to generation and i am up to it. It signify our kingship and power to be a leader. It signify strength, tenacity and believe in our culture. Many kings in Africa have a symbol that represent their kingship and the authority. The real chain is in Africa , this is a second version of it to show my I’m from a royal family .Mostly everyone in the royal family has a symbol. There comes my name King Kodua. King means my leadership and power to motivate and up bring a group of people, Kodua is a name for a king in Africa called Tweneboah kodua who sacrifice his life to save a group of people , this show how sympathetic and kind we are to people. Royalty mean leadership.

Place(s): Ghana

– King

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant