Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object a Chabi, made in the city of Lahor in Pakistan, tells a story of my grandmas history. A Chabi is a plate made out twigs and a healing plant woven together. Chabi’s hold warm food. Chabi’s can tell a story by the design or texture used. My mother Chabi tells a story about my grandmas past. When my grandma was a young girl she would watch her mom tackle twigs and plants. She would tie them together and spin them in a circle. My grandma was curious and asked her mom (my great-grandma) to show her how it was done. My grandma learned step-by-step and finally learned how to make chabi’s. After my great-grandmas death my grandma continued on making Chabi because she feels it the one connection that she had with her mom that she loved. My grandma holds on to the first one she made with her mom as a memory of her mother. Now my mom is starting to learn how to make chabi’s so that later on I can to learn how to make chabi’s.  Making the chabi's connect me to my family and our history and ties to Pakistan.

Place(s): Pakistan, USA

– Maheen Zaheer

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant