Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas tree with chocolates
Ceramic Christmas tree with chocolates

Over 60 years ago my nana, or my father's mother,  created a ceramic Christmas tree decoration with lights built in. She always put it up in her house the day after Thanksgiving, and placed all types of chocolates around it . From then until Christmas each person in my family was allowed to eat one piece of chocolate per day, which at the time was a good reason to go to her house, which is maybe why she did it. Once she passed away my dad wanted to keep the tradition alive and brought it to our house. Although that one per day rule has pretty much gone away, we now have chocolates that are shaped like Santa and his reindeer. Even though it’s just a small decoration, it’s a very nice way to remember her and I hope to keep this tradition alive for years to come. Hopefully when I have kids it will be passed down to me and we can add more to it to make it look even nicer. 

Place(s): Italy
Year: 1943

– SG

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant