Catholic Bracelet

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifact is called a “Mexican catholic bracelet”. It’s a very valuable bracelet in Mexico. It’s very common to see women and men wearing the bracelet. In my country (Mexico) it’s seen as a very cool valuable bracelet. It’s valuable because in my country we believe in our father/God. So the bracelet has pictures of Jesus and God. If you’re wondering why Jesus and God are important, well here are a few reasons. In Mexico, we believe God was slaved and beat also crucified. But God didn’t fight back. He let himself die for every single human on earth living today. When God was crucified he was placed on a cross. So in our country God is known for our savior. He is the most important figure/person we believe in. Mexicans are Catholic's because God did all that for us living today. So we respect him in return.Jesus is important because he made a sin against his father/God. Jesus felt extremely guilty that his father was being tortured. He felt really guilty he couldn’t take it anymore… So Jesus ended up killing himself. So both Jesus and god also Mary Jane is important to the Mexican Catholic's. Another reasons its special to me because it was passed on down many times. I’m sure it was my great Grandpa’s that died then my older brother that’s 21. When I get older it’s going to be passed onto another person. This bracelet is important to my culture, country, family, and especially…me!

Year: 2000

– Justin

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant