Catholic Angel Statue

Relationship: Im/migrant
Angel Statue
Angel Statue

Angel Statue
        My object is an Angel statue. It is a women with long hair, it has a pastel dress with wings on her back. She has a blank expression on her face and she is made out of wood. My dad got the angel from an Antique Store. It reminded my mom of her religion, catholic. It also reminded her of being back home in the Philippines.
       It was a present for my mom from my dad on their honeymoon after they got married. My mom loved the angel. It is important to my mother because she is Catholic and Filipino. She has only one hand because one time Stephen (my dad) ask my mom “Did you lose the hand” and she said “No, I have it with me”.But a few months later when he asked her again about it, she said “Oh I lost the hand during the move”. Now, it’s in my house on the shelf right next to the Jesus statue and little old (and hard)  face cookie.

This statue represents my family and is very important to me.

Place(s): Philippines
Year: 2009

– Amber Romano

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant