Cast Iron Pan

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifact is a cast iron pan. Our cast iron pan is a symbolic reminder of my Oma (Oma means Grandma in German). My Omas name was Margot, she came from Germany.            She left when Adolf Hitler was dominating the area. They were also being sent stale flour so they couldn’t make money and continue their bakery. Therefore, when she was only 12 years old they migrated to the melting pot, America!            The cast iron pan has sentimental value because cooking plays a big role in our family and we use it for cooking meals. My Oma made plenty of traditional German dishes. Such as, mashed potatoes, stewed red cabbage and many other German dishes. But she wasn’t limited to German dinner dishes.. she made pies and apple turnovers and for breakfast, potato pancakes and traditional pancakes.             The cast iron pan was bought by my Oma in Germany. As she grew old she gave it to my dad because they had a close relationship and my dad loved cooking. One day that same cast iron pan will be passed down to me. Now most of my dinners are on that same pan that somehow holds on to so much history! 

Place(s): Germany
Year: 1960

– Lucy

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant