Carving pumpkins for Halloween

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This year's pumpkin
This year's pumpkin

Click Click! Ta-da! Another pumpkin is lit signaling that Halloween is coming. Carving pumpkins has always been an important part of my childhood. Since I can remember, my siblings and I have gathered to carve pumpkins every year when Halloween is a few days away. While the process appears grueling as you plunge your hands into the goey depths of a pumpkin and delicately carve a design to show your values each year, but I remember it fondly. As I began to carve my pumpkin this year, I realized just how much I miss carving pumpkins with my family. When I was young we would head to a pumpkin farm and my sister would find the weirdest pumpkin, my half-brother chose the largest pumpkin beaming of dark green, and my half-sister chose a picture-perfect pumpkin. My uncle even carved a pineapple once when there was a pumpkin shortage in Florida. I didn’t see my half-siblings often, but carving pumpkins was a time where we seemed like a perfectly normal family. My half-siblings are adults now, and my sister was never close with me. This year I carved my pumpkin to show a mystery box from Super Mario Bros, a game which brought us together every once and awhile. As a family who were never fans of sports, that was our own version of competing. I chose a mystery box to represent the mystery of Halloween. Remember to value every moment, knowing that it shapes who you are

– JL

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