Capiz Shells

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Picture Frame made of Capiz
Picture Frame made of Capiz

My name is Arielle and I am a first generation born American. My mother emigrated to the States from the Philippines and my father emigrated from Guyana. Both of my parents came to the United States to work and have better lives and opportunities for themselves and our families. My mother was able to come to the states through a nursing program that offered her a job after graduation and my father emigrated a couple of years after he graduated college and save up some money to the plane.  He had come to the States with only about 50$ converted to USD. They both settled in New York and my family has been here ever since. Although I identify with both sides of my family, I am closer to my mom's side so I would say that my mom is most representative of my cultural identity. I am surrounded by my mother's culture every day because of all of the artwork in my home that was brought from the Philippines. Emigrating to the States may have lead to some mixing of culture in my family but the capiz shells and the other works of art my mother brought remind me of the culture and tradition of our island. 

Place(s): Guyana, Philippines,

– Arielle Lam

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant