Capiz Shell Box

Relationship: Im/migrant
Capiz Shell Box
Capiz Shell Box

My object is a box. It is from the Philippines and it is used for keeping things in it. It is made from Capiz shells. Capiz shells can be made into many different things, lamps, jewelry, candle holders and plates. Capiz shells come from oysters that are in the Philippines. They had a lot of the oysters so they could keep making things out of the shells. Some things you can make are lamps, trays, mats, bowls and jewelry.
I chose it because I thought it was interesting that it was made out of shells. It is connected to my mom, her father had a lot of things made from Capiz shells. 
A question I have is: What was the first thing made out of Capiz shells? Fact:It takes more than one shell to make a box.

Place(s): Phillippines

– Ellia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant