In Fun

I have selected my cat, my cat is the most important animal i have because i had her since i was a little girl she is old  right now but she will always be my favorite, the first time i laid eyes on her was when i was walking with my mom we both came across a box that moved behind a trash can there was a box that my mother and i heard a cry (meow) it was moving and moving inside a box but i decided to open the box it was a baby kitten as soon as i saw those cute yellow greenish big eyes crying because it was abandon so me and my mother decided to give it a home with us, since then i had a part of me that felt so proud and happy for helping a baby kitten and now i love to join into the animal shelter to help give other animals an opportunity to have a loving home and family they need.

Place(s): New York City


Relationship:  unknown unknown