Candle Stick Holders

Shabbat candle stick holders
Shabbat candle stick holders

Shabbat is a holiday in the jewish religion which is a day of rest. Shabbat is every Friday. On Shabbat you light candle sticks which honor the day of shabbat. These Shabbat candlesticks in the picture are the ones we use in my family. They come from my mom's side of the family and were her grandparents candles which means they were my great grandparents. But even before that, they were originally my great great grandparents' candle sticks. My great great grandfather, the original owner of these candles came from Russia who then settled in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a tailor and had three sons who all lived in Boston. One son had three boys, another had two boys, and the third had a son and a daughter. All of these children, parents, and grandparents all lived in the same small town outside of Boston. This was eventually where my mom also grew up. These candle sticks have been part of many different shabbat family dinners through all of this time being apart of dinners and important family events.

– MG

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