Camping trip at Pismo Beach

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 Our camp site one year
Our camp site one year

One tradition that my family has celebrated for 36 years now is camping at a beach called Pismo. Every year we would get our whole family, my aunt and uncle, cousins, grandparents, and second cousins, some family friends, whether they are a long time friends of my parents or a friend me, my siblings, or my little cousins bring along, and go to the same plot we camp every year. With smooth sands, salty water, tire marks, and old campfires from the people camping there before us. It all started a while back, as I said before 36 years ago,  My dad told me, “ I was like 15 years old maybe 16, my dad takes us there, me and my younger brother Scott,...”. We continue to go there to celebrate two main occasions, both in the same week. We celebrate both Father’s day and my dad’s birthday. This is in my opinion one of the big things in my family's culture since we have done it for so long and will probably continue to do it more. It’s important to me because it’s a time to relax and have fun, to get everyone together, and to just enjoy each other and their company. Even though every year is about the same with one or two new and fun things we do there, it is always something that our family has enjoyed and looked forward to each and every year and will continue to be.

– Dallas D

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant