Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a calavera.  It is made out of clay.  Calavera means skeleton head in Spanish.  This calavera is not any ordinary calavera. Why, you ask?  Mexicans use them to celebrate the dead.  This is a tradition in Mexico called, El Dia De Los Muertos.   Why do we celebrate the dead?   We celebrate the day of the dead, to show love and respect to our ancestors. Also, to show them we haven't forgotten them.            We also celebrate the dead to remind us of what our ancestors did for us. We celebrate this day in honor of our ancestors. La calavera( the skeleton head) has details of snakes and flowers. The snake on the calavera shows the braveness of our ancestors . The flowers shows the love and kindness of our ancestors. The calavera is important to my family because it reminds my family of the people we’ve lost. People we know and that we love that died, like our friends and family.  Also it’s important to my family because it reminds my mother of my great grandparents.    

– Yarely

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant