Cadillac Deville 98

Relationship: Im/migrant

This picture represents the journey my oldest brother took to immigrate here to the United States. Being born in Mexico, my brother was unable to immigrate to the United States legally. These keys are to the car that my brother took in order to sneak into the United States. He was able to sneak into the US because he was so small and the trunk of the car was large enough to cover him. With the help of family and friends, he passed through the border no problem and traveled to California. Once he had arrived in southern California, family helped him settle down and establish a better life away from Mexico. The reason why my brother moved over here to the US was because of the better job opportunities and the majority of family living in southern California. Although he was young, my brother knew that there would be better job opportunities for him in the US. The quality of life in Mexico he could have was tremendously difficult compared to the life in the US. Another pull factor was having more family over here than over there. Whenever my family would have a family event my brother would always miss out and emotionally that contributes to somebody wanting to come over here. The push and pull factors my brother went through are similar to those of many Mexicans, African-Americans and other minority groups. Many minority groups travel to this country in order to seek better opportunities relating to jobs. 

Place(s): Mexico, California
Year: 2000

– Leonardo Estrada

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant