Flag and Map

Flag of St. Lucia
Flag of St. Lucia

I chose to bring in the wooden map of St. Lucia and the flag. The image of the map is very popular throughout St. Lucia. The maps are seen on clothing, large signs and necklaces. These maps are decorative and informative. The map was made as a decoration to hang and show what town you are from. The map is made on wood because it connects to the native culture there and uses the wood of pine trees or fallen coconuts. When you hold it, you can really feel the textures of the island. I’ve also seen maps where leaves were used to add detail to them. St. Lucia’s map is blue, black, white and yellow. The blue represents the sky and the sky represents the shadow of a mountain. There are lots of mountains in St. Lucia. The flag has three triangles that represent the rising sun, the shadow of the mountains and the light. There is a very famous mountain in St. Lucia but did you know that it is actually a volcano and not a mountain at all? The yellow on the map represents sunshine. I know that St. Lucia was colonized which is why people there weren’t taught much about their culture. But, I learned that the black and white on the map represent the relationship between people of different races on the island, so it shows that they got along well. 

Place(s): St. Lucia

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