Relationship: Im/migrant

Byrek is a traditional dish that Albainan’s eat most of the time.. Byrek is a pie, put in a round pan with layers and stuffing in the middle of each layer. When I eat Byrek I’d always eat the crust. It's always crispy. When making Byrek there's all kinds of stuffing, such as meat, spinach, potatoes, cheese and tomatoes with onion and peppers. Personally I love Byrek with Meat. It’s one of my favorites when it comes to eating Byrek.  Byrek comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be round, triangles, square and swirly. The most common one is the round one like Pizza.   I choose this artifact because it’s something special to me that my family makes once a week. My grandma past away not so long ago, and she would make these amazing Byreks with pumpkin. They were so good. Byrek dosen’t really teach much but Albanians make the best Byrek. Albanian moms teach their daughters how to make Byrek in a very young age. As young as 5 years old. Every time  my mom makes byrek, I love helping her out. After a long day at school in the evening sitting and eating Byrek make it feel good to be home. I’d always wonder what other stuffings do people add when there making Byrek. How many are there?  I’m sure there is way too many. 

Place(s): Albaina

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant