My object is a stone that can be found in the baltic sea on shores in Poland. This stone is called a bursztyn (boor-styn) which is known as amber in English. It is used for jewelry like rings, bracelets and necklaces. It can also be used as decoration. My grandma and my aunts use it for jewelry and my grandma has a big stone of amber in her necklace. Amber also can be use as medicine to heal illnesses. It is made of hardened tree sap that existed millions of years ago. Some amber can have insects in them from millions of years ago. I chose this object because it reminds me of my family when we went to the baltic sea to collect some amber and how fun it was. The amber teaches me that they used it for jewelry because of its beauty. Also it was used as money because it existed millions of years ago. This is connected to my family because almost everyone in my family has a stone and my grandma immigrated here with her amber necklace to the U.S.A I am proud of my Polish heritage and my family loves to encourage my sister and I to connect with our culture. One thing that has always stood out for me is this beautiful stone.

Year: 2000

– Adam

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant