Burmese Chin Bag

Relationship: Im/migrant
Traditional Chin bag.
Traditional Chin bag.

I bring a bag that – my culture bag. It’s Chin. Yeah, it is my traditional bag. When I go to school and church, I use this to put my book and bible. It’s really important for me to continue my culture because the way how we used to do in the home country, the culture is really important to me. I would say we can’t lose our culture. I would say to the future generation to keep it – don’t ever lose the cultural traditions. When I see my culture dress and stuff, it reminds me that I am Chin people. I would say like the language – like most of the kids in the United States don’t know how to speak our language anymore. I think it depends on their parents. They don’t speak them too much with their language, they communicate less – that’s why they lost their language. I would just like keep your culture with you wherever – no matter where you go. You’re your culture with you and don’t ever lose it. And the main thing – don’t ever lose your language, first language.

Place(s): Burma, Washington,

– Ceu Thu Bilz

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant