Buddha Statue


Buddhism is a very special religion, it is my religion. We do not worship them, we would follow the teaching of Buddha. We believe that Buddha can change us to be a better person. When i was little, i started noticing my parents will go to the temple once every month. So one day i ask them what are they doing in the temple and they told me that they were talking to the Buddhas, it helped them when they are in trouble. So the next day, my parent brought me to the Buddha temple. After talking to the Buddhas, i felt relaxing and calm. After that day i went to the Buddha temple whenever my parent go. When i was 10 my dad bought a big Buddha statue. He told me that it was made out of hard plastic, a bit of glass and crystal. It was beautiful. My dad said that its gonna gave me luck, wisdom, faith, courage and wealth. It had been with me for 4 years. I think the statue is very helpful and it protected us from a lot of bad things. Last summer during Chinese New Year, I went back to Hong Kong, my family and i went to Lantau Island to visit the Tian Tan Buddha, I saw a giant Buddha statue just like the one in my house . It was an amazing experience.

Place(s): HongKong
Year: 2017

– JohnsonC

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