Buddha Pendant

Coming from a traditionally Buddhist background, my mother would often place these pendants and other similar objects over my head as I slept as a child. It soon continued to be a pendant that I wore around my neck as I grew up. My mother was very superstitious and believed that evil spirits would one day try to attack or corrupt me. As a way of protecting me, she would place these pendants over my head and told me to never let them touch the ground as it was sign of disrespect. She believed it warded off evil spirits, while I believe it was just a way to reassure her of my safety as my mom didn't exactly have the best childhood. She wanted me to have an enjoyable, relaxing time as a child compared to the suffering she had to go through as a child laborer as early as the age of 4. I no longer wear them or pay attention to the pendant as it has been there for years, yet it's somewhat comforting to look at. Could it have protected me? I'm not quite sure, but the value of the pendant to me is that it represents protection.

Year: 2000

– Ameer Khan

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