Brick Oven

The Brick Oven is one of, if not the most essential part of the Bella Napoli pizzeria's business located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. The married couple who own Bella Napoli are both originally from Italy and the wife, Anna, was specifically born in Naples, Italy. Naples is typically known as being the home for pizza. Since the 18th century, pizza has been cooked traditionally in a wood-burning “brick” oven. Over the years, the tradition has continued in Naples and has spread to many other cities across the world. When Anna was growing up in Naples, her uncle owned a brick oven pizzeria. Having been surrounded by that kind of environment Anna grew to love the pizza business from a very young age. Her husband’s family also owned a lot of business in Naples which inclined them to open up the store a couple of years ago. Thus with this strong business background and knowledge of the brick oven pizza business they decided to model the business after her uncle's in using the brick oven for cooking the pizza. Anna emphasized that the brick oven is what makes their pizza unique in comparison to other pizzeria’s. As a result of using the brick oven rather than a regular oven the pizza comes out much softer. This traditional method of pizza making essentially brings in a lot of customers especially ones with Italian backgrounds who know about brick oven pizza. They find comfort in Bella Napoli because they can trust the product knowing they’ll leave satisfied with a taste from home.

Year: 2013

– Ariella Caminero

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