Brewers Baseball Hat

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Picture of the hat
Picture of the hat

My father was born in Wisconsin, and his parents were fans of the Brewers baseball team. Baseball was something that really brought my family together when I was younger. I don’t so much care for it now, but I did back when I was a lot younger. Many years later, when my parents had me in Rochester, to remember his team and carry on the fandom, my dad bought me a Brewers baseball hat of my own. Even though it wasn’t the hat of the local team, I still loved to have a piece of something my dad liked. It was a special connection that we were able to share together. Of course, it made me proud to wear it because it was something my dad liked, and when I was younger, all I wanted to do was be just like him. I think that sentimental objects have great importance to people's character and background. As time went on, the hat was getting more and more beat up because of how often I wore it, but that didn’t stop me from wearing it as much as I could.  Eventually, after wearing the hat for some time, I lost it. It’s something that only really bothered me for a few days because I was a kid, but it is sad to me now that I don’t have this object with me to remember the times that I had with it, and the special meaning behind it. Even though this does bother me, I have many pictures and memories of this hat to keep with me, and that is what makes it so special to me.

Place(s): Wisconsin, New York

– AE

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