The Bracelet


My significant object is the bracelet that my Mom and Dad recently gave me on my birthday which was on September 4th.  When I was given this bracelet, it automatically gave meaning to me and my life, because every time that I look at this it reminds me of my parents and how much they love me.  It’s my symbol of peace and the bracelet looks like a bright golden chain with a knot attached to it to make it tighter or looser, but the golden color wore off it looks a little silver now.  It's silver now because I barely take it off.  The only times I ever take it off is when I'm going to use the restroom.  I had it on when I washed the dishes, and the soap and water wore off the gold on the bracelet. It will always be on my wrist most of the time. It could be on my ankle if I wanted to, but I don’t want to have it there.  Sometimes I get distracted and play around with my bracelet because it fills my heart by always reminding me of my parents. Having the love of your parents is the best feeling ever.  I appreciate my parents so much! They have done so much for me, but it’s not like they spoiled me.  They just do things for me, and that is enough.  I’m not embarrassed about my parents at all. My mother is the greatest. She might do stuff for me that for others might seem embarrassing, but I find it amazing. I love it when my Mom and Dad are proud of me, when they show me love, when they give me a hard bear hug, or when they are just right next to me - it feels right. They push me to succeed, and I will do it for them. 

Place(s): Cleveland

– Alexander Rosario

Relationship:  unknown unknown