In Attire

The artifact that I chose that is special to me is a bracelet that my father gave me. He brought me the bracelet from Colombia which is why it also has the Colombian flag on it. I remember him giving it to me when I was in 4th grade and I since then I never took it off. He told me that when he was in a church in Colombia he found it inside of a bible and instead of leaving it he decided to bring it and give it to me. This bracelet is significant to me because I have never been to Colombia so it’s like bringing a piece of it with me wherever I go. Also because I have always wondered about the story behind it. It is also special to me because out of me and sister he decided to give me the bracelet which meant a lot to me. I always wonder about why they left it in the church in the bible, it couldn’t have been by mistake which is why I think about what it meant to them. I even wonder if it was maybe bad luck for them which is kind of scary to think about. But then I also think if it was good luck and somebody left it there on purpose for somebody to find which is cool. This bracelet is like my good luck charm because it’s from my country Colombia and I’ve had it on since 4th grade and have never took it off. It has been with me through the good and bad.

Year: 2006

– Kayla Carmona

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