Bowl of Travel Magnets

A bowl filled with magnets
A bowl filled with magnets

This bowl contains magnets that my family has collected from numerous places that we have traveled to. These magnets hold a special place in my heart because it represents time that I have spent learning about new places with my family. We collected most of these magnets when we were living in London. This is because it is easier to travel in London due to how it is close to so many places. My favorite memory that one of these magnets brings back is the Iceland magnet. This one is my favorite because one night, my family, including my 76 year old grandmother at the time, hiked through a cave that contained some of the biggest and sharpest icicles I had ever seen. When we were deep inside of the cave, our tour guide instructed us to turn off our head lamps and find a place to sit. When we were all sitting down, the tour guide told us that we were going to do a blind taste test of traditional Icelandic foods. He started off with normal foods that one would not be scared to eat, such as a doughnut or licorice, but later, the food turned into lamb brain and shark jerky. Even though the food was disgusting, I enjoyed spending time with my family and creating these fun and eventful memories.

Place(s): Iceland, Pairs, Italy

– SG

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