Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifact  is borscht. It's from Russia, it is a food that I eat all year around but I eat it most often at family gatherings. I chose this food because it's something that is special to me. Borscht is one of the many dishes that unite our family at dinner. My parents are from Uzbekistan but because of their upbringing and background they know how to make a good Russian borscht.  My dad is the one who introduced me to borscht when I was little and he is really good at cooking borscht. He takes time cutting svekla (beets) and green kapusta (cabbage) to give deep flavor and golden color to the broth. Then he adds some spice and salt and sometimes adds some smetanka (sour cream) or rye bread . It looks and tastes very good, but what I like most about this dish the most is the heritage and the memories that it builds while I grow up. I look forward to sharing this special dish with my future kids.There are many versions of borscht. My favorite way to make borscht is the way my dad makes it. He uses beets, cabbage and some spice and salt then served with some sour cream. It's pretty simple and easy to make but I tend to enjoy the simple version more. Borscht is a very special food to me and my family. It was one of the first things I ate as a kid and the first thing my dad ate when he came to New York. Even though I was born here, my Russian culture still lives on. I think borscht  shows that Russian culture is very unique and as big as Russia itself. I've eaten borscht many times in my life and will continue doing so borscht is such a special meal to me and my family.

Place(s): Uzbekistan, Russia
Year: 2007

– VP

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant