Boreal Hat

In Attire

So once, I traveled to my home country Dominican Republic. I went to go visit my house there, where my uncle and grandma were both living, along with their two dogs and rooster. We had just come back from a resort, and our stay at the house was almost as good as the resort. We had a really good time together considering we haven’t seen each other for a good two years. Sadly, we had to leave as our flight date was up. I went upstairs to get my black and white leather Yankees Baseball Cap which I almost forgot. Little did I know that I already had the real one in my baggage -- I took my uncle’s Boreal Cap with me, accidently, and came back to New York. It was only then I noticed I took both hats which both looked very similar. I went ahead and called my uncle right away to tell him that I took his Boreal hat. He then told me to keep it, that it would serve as a good luck charm, and to give it back to him only when I have accomplished all of my future goals, such as getting a career. I talked to my mother about the Boreal Hat and she said that it was passed down by the ancestors of my family, and it only passes to whomever achieved greatness and dreams. Ever since, I grew fond of completing my goals and will return the hat to my uncle someday.

Year: 2015

– Wilmer Almonte

Relationship:  unknown unknown