Relationship: Child of im/migrant

  I got this boomerang from my past ancestors who past it down to my relatives. The boomerang was made as a weapon which was thrown and returned to the thrower. In my country this was a traditional weapon used by the indigenous people. My relatives used this as a catching activity and something  they put in their house, in a glass case. My relatives cherished this because it was a symbol of their culture and an object to remember their relatives by. When i was given this object I put it in my room to show my culture. Growing up, I learned about the culture from my ancestors and my teachers. I learned that the boomerang was also made from a wattle tree which are only found in Australia. This boomerang is important to me because it has significant family history and represents the importance of my heritage. As a boy I would play with my boomerang and practice throwing it all the time. The reason this object was so personal to me was because of how unique it is. It allowed me to understand the country more, but the cultural relevance as well. There are four types of boomerangs that you can use. Out of the four types of boomerangs (Hunting, Killing, Music, Returning). The boomerang I used was made specifically for returning back to me. This boomerang has had an enormous impact on my life.

Boomerang Image: “Boomerang.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 14 Mar. 2018,

Place(s): Australia

– Archie Schwartz

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant