Book filled with letters

Title of the book
Title of the book

My story relates to love, war and hope. My great great grandfather went to world war 2 leaving his wife and my great grandmother who is still alive till this day (101 years old). Each time he had a chance to write a letter he would and my great great grandmother would keep every single one of them. After the war ended in 1945 they reunited and my great great grandfather found out that his wife had kept all of those letters over years and it really touched him. When they both died my grandmother decided to make a book with all of those letters and made a few copies for some family members but gave the original to my great grandmother. Till this day my family when we talk about love we mention this story. It teaches us how love is important and that it's better to go through things at 2 than by yourself. Now we live in a generation where love is hard to find, where everyone gets bored and thinks love is over or that long distance for 1 year is too much. My great grandparents haven't seen each other in 5 years not knowing if he would even make it out alive. This helped me believe in love and commitment to someone.

Place(s): France 1939-1945

– Sarah

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