Relationship: Im/migrant

My object of memory is a book called The Jewel Heaven. It was given to me by my sister. It was one of her wedding gift she was married. She gave it to me. We are Muslim. Our religion is Islam. This book teach about Islam. She used it for reading about heaven and how to go to heaven. I learned about this book shortly after my sister’s marriage. It was given to me in 2004 more than 10 years ago. This memory makes me feel very happy that my sister has given me such a great object. It has many knowledge about our religion. Reading it is a great way to pass the time because it has many important facts about our religion and I learned many things from it. This object came from my country Bangladesh and it is written in my language Bangla. It is also partially Arabic. I like this book a lot because I can read both Bangla and Arabic. Many people in my country also know Arabic because it is part of our religion. This book has all the instructions and rules that we follow in our religion. It also gives a lot of lessons about how to be happy and successful in my life and after life.

Year: 2004

– Salma Khoshnabish

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant