Bone china plates

I’ll spare you the boring details of how the plates are lined with gold rims, and how they're made of fancy white porcelain; Instead I’ll bombard you with a bunch of personal details that you might find rather interesting. The object above is bone china plates, these particular plates were made in Italy and represent part of my father’s heritage. Although, my father was not born in Italy, his grandparents were and during their children’s transition to America they brought their china with them. They were used on special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners; My mother, who, is a very sentimental person, insists that the china gets put out every year, during these special occasions, in order to keep my grandparents traditions alive. My father told me about this object and its history, eventually it will be passed down to me, and I intend to continue the tradition. This object is important to me because It has been passed down for many generations and is symbolic to me regarding my deceased family members; Unfortunately, my grandparents and my father’s grandparents passed away before I was born; Therefore, it makes the china even more special to myself and connects to my identity by serving as a connection to those who came before me. Although, I, was never able to meet my grandparents, it’s nice to have a materialistic object that reminds me of them and their traditions.

Year: 1935

– Julia DiNardo

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