Blue Necklace

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The blue necklace
The blue necklace

 My mom was born here in the U.S. a year after her family immigrated from Mexico. Her family was originally from Talpa de Allende, Guadalajara, a small town in Mexico. Her parents, five sisters, and her brother originally came to San Diego in search of a better life, but after a couple of years, her brother got very sick. He had a fever so bad he was permanently handicapped and the doctors thought he would not make it. His condition worsened over time and eventually, they had to move to the Bay Area in search of treatment. Eventually, her brother’s condition got better and her family settled in. One day, my grandmother gave my mother a blue necklace that belonged to her grandmother. Now, most of her family has moved away and currently lives in Mexico. After 25 years and the passing of my grandmother, my mother still has this necklace. It means a lot to her and reminds her of where her family is from. She usually wears it for special occasions and it means a lot to me that she shared this personal story with me. To me, this necklace reminds me how hard my grandparents worked to get here and I will always appreciate what they sacrificed for us. 

Place(s): San Diego, Talpa de Allende
Year: 1977

– TS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant