Blue Chest

This chest was carried from Italy
This chest was carried from Italy

My great-grandpa Bombelia immigrated from Italy and carried the blue chest that now is at my house. I chose this object because I felt it was important to me. One, because I am named after him and two, because it shows my culture that I am part Italian. Also, I don't have a lot of objects left of my family history and this is one of the few. Originally the chest was in my great grandma's house but she passed it on to my family because I was named after him and she felt it would have more meaning in my house. She still comes to vist alot to come to check on the chest. When I was younger we used to bring the chest downstairs on Bombelia's birthday and we wouldn’t do anything else but we just put it downstairs so we don't forget. The chest is big and blue with a strap so he could carry it. It is very heavy but Bombelia managed to carry it from Italy to the United States. Right now the chest sits in my dad's office at my house.

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