In Fun

My grandma used to work at factory that made bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc. One day after a shift she saw some blankets that she really liked, one had a tiger on it and the other had a jungle on it. So she bought them and brought them home. There wasn't any crazy way she got them or anything but they have a sentimental value to me because my grandma has been there for me since I was born. She bought them and after around 1998 her kids moved out she put them away and fast forwarding some years she takes them out again for my older brother and I to use, still in perfect condition. I've been using mine for as long as I can remember, It's difficult for me to use any brand new blankets because I always get allegories with them. The tiger on my blanket reminds me about how fearless they are and that motivates me to not be afraid of any challenges I face in life. Also when I think about it these blankets are older than me which is pretty cool.

Year: 1990

– Angel Tobar

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