Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This blanket here to most people who looked at it wont see anything special most likely but to me it is the blanket I had since I was a baby. My parents brought this over along with a couple of other things from Vietnam after leaving the turmoil that the war had turned the country into my parents were seeking medical care for my brother and a better life for him and my parents. They left a very comfortable life in Vietnam my mom being a well respected teacher and my dad a high ranking officer in the military but chose to go to America so my brother and me later on would have a better life and greater opportunities for us. One memory of my childhood that I remember extremely well was when I was younger my mom was taking care of me as a toddler holding me in this blanket, my ill older brother and my dad in the hospital that memory always make remember how remarkable of a person my mom is. Another memory of my childhood was that I would stay up to wait for my dad to come home at midnight or a little later than that and remember how happy he was to see me even though he just spend 12 hours in a restaurant with possibly rude customers and after my mom tucking me in at night singing me a lullaby to sleep. I will never forget the sacrifices they have endured for me to have the life I have now and I think about this every day.

Year: 1995

– JD

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant