Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My mother's bible and religious statues
My mother's bible and religious statues

Religion was always super important in my mother’s lineage from her great grandma, to her, to me. She was why I love my religion which is Catholicism. My mom came with my dad to America looking for a better future. They came from Venezuela when there was a boom time knowing that it would not stay like that, and they left all of their family except my uncle(mom) and my aunt(dad). My mother, here in the U.S., still went to church every Sunday, becoming a new part of the community. Then I was born and it’s crazy (there is a sidestory of how I almost died at birth, but that right now isn’t important) how I was born into a new country and gained such a wonderful life. My mother, who very much misses her family, always talks with them on the phone and helps them out with money since bad times came soon after, and so did a dictator. I am very lucky to have all the stuff that my parents were able to give me, and I have come to appreciate everything and enjoy things with religion. My mom had taught me religion and the bible was where everything came from. There was a story that my mom even consulted the bible for my name (even if it wasn’t true, the funny thing is that when me and my mom open the bible, half the time we open to my name…and age). I grew to love and stay devoted to my religion because of my mom and my family. Religion was always a part of my family, and it helps me connect with those who passed and those who I don't see ever.

Place(s): Venezuela, Edison NJ

– Sam

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant