Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Religion is a huge factor that shapes me as a person today. My parents have raised me by the religion I follow which is Seventh day Adventist (SDA). The book we follow is the Bible. In the Bible is so many things people miss like how it says we shouldn't eat certain food like pork and other seafood etc. This book tells you how to live life the way our creator, God said he wants us to. It also talks about baptism and one thing we as Sda people believe in is baptising by full submerging in water. We don’t believe in baptising babies but once born we bless them. They don't know what they are committing to so we believe you must learn about Jesus and then decide if you want to baptise. After lots of learning and reading the book passed on to me, I gave my life to Jesus and got baptized. When I was little my parents always started almost everything with the phrase “In the Bible it say…”. This angered me because the Bible had so many rule for us, but I still followed them. Now that I am older and understand the Bible I thank my parents for raising me by it. And I still try my best to follow it because if it weren’t for it I would probably be the opposite of hard working, respectful, healthy, and kind. This one book has shaped my life and identity, it is why I’m me.

– crystalin Baffour

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant