Beginner's Quran

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Beginner's Quran
Beginner's Quran

I want to tell you my family traditional item its a beginner guide of the Quran it was given by my great grandpa to my grandpa to my mom it's going to be passed to me.It was made for my muslim family to start learning arabic at the end it tests you by giving you some surahs to do from the real quran and learn to pray and to do wudu.Wudu is cleaning your body to pray and don't forget to clean your house so the place is clean to pray.The quran is important to me because it taught me and my family alot and the huzure  helped us use the quran.
I'm not sure how they made the Quran but I heard that Allah created it and the followers copied and made more Qurans.I have a question for my ancestor where did you find the Quran, what made you muslim?
I am proud to be muslim I am proud that this Quran was passed down to my family.I glad my family likes it if they like it i like it my family and i read the quran and eat breakfast every morning I love the Quran.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2014

– ZH

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant