Beautiful Dominican Republic

Relationship: Im/migrant
My daughter and me
My daughter and me

The Dominican Republic is like no other place. My country has extraordinary nature, fascinating history and great cultural wealth. Our people are as warm as our climate. We have the best beaches in the world and wonderful food!

Every weekend my daughter and I would go to the beach, enjoy the sunshine, and drink coconut water. We loved to see the colors of the water change during the day. That was amazing. We enjoyed going to the interior of the country and seeing nature: the rivers, mountains, and beaches with turquoise blue water. We loved the smell of the sea. We would buy Pastel en Hoja, Chicharrón de Cerdo, Mabi de Bohuco Indio.

My daughter Roxanne and I loved to walk in the Colonial City area of Santo Domingo. It has colonial buildings and streets of great tourist attraction, such as the Alcázar de Colón, the Museo de las Casas Reales, the Catedral Primada de América and the Fortaleza Ozama. Colonial City is one of the most important places in Santo Domingo and one of the most visited by national and foreign tourists. For this and many reasons we enjoy this area so much. 

We love it all about our country, the Dominican Republic. I miss my beautiful country a lot. I will carry it in my heart all my life.

Place(s): Dominican Republic

– Marcia G.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant