The Bear 
 I have this object named the bear. My mom got it from her great grandma. This bear fits in to the miscellaneous category. This particular bear is small and looks like a stuffed animal. When you pick it up it is quite heavy. My mom told me about this when I was 10. She gave it to me to put on my dresser in my room. I don’t really use this on any special occasions, I use it whenever I want. This object is important because it tells me a little more about my great great grandma. She always used this bear through tough times. When I use this object, it helps me think and wonder what my family is doing now. If you were wondering how this bear got to America, well I’ll tell you. My great great grandma had this when she came from Italy. She got on a boat and often had this with her. She used it to calm herself through the hard times. This is my bear and my family’s immigration story.

Place(s): Italy

– Rachel Avedon

Relationship:  unknown unknown