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Baseball team jersey,pants,ball.
Baseball team jersey,pants,ball.

Baseball, which is referred to as “pelota” in the Dominican Republic, is more than just a sport. For many Dominicans it’s about the limitless passion, the love, and unity. Baseball was introduced in the late 19th century by Cuban Immigrants in the City of San Pedro De Macorís​. Baseball has always made a big impact on the Dominican Republic’s economy, creating lots of jobs for many people, and having to sell lots of merchandise of Dominican teams. It gives hope for a lot of children to make it big in their life one day. For the younger generations, a professional baseball player becomes the common dream job of most hopes of having a better future doing something they love. The Domincan Republic is known for having the greatest world class baseball players to ever exist, or at least us Dominicans know it.
My family from both sides love, and I mean​ love,​ baseball. Whenever I was around my extended family, I remember how they would turn on the sports channel supporting the team they love. “Tigres del licey!” they’d chant. When I was young, right around 12 or 13 I began playing for a team called the Ferris Wheels. My team and I were pretty good. We always had our games and we had been on the top of the bracket in our league. I would say at the time I was a decent player. I might’ve not been the best but my love of the game mattered the most.

Place(s): Dominican Republic

– Francisco Bello

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