Baptismal certificate

Baptismal Certificate
Baptismal Certificate

Every member of my family has a Baptismal certificate. Not only being a cross-stitch white, blue, and pink string that represents something in itself, it also has many memories, history, and symbols within it that are unique to me and my family. The Presbyterian Church, of which my family is a part, originated in Ireland and Scotland which is where my ancestors are from. My mom's side of the family is all Presbyterian which gives me an additional connection to the outside of DNA and genetics. They were all given the Baptismal certificate no matter where they lived or how invested they are in their church. Although, Nobody in my church talks or shares about how their certificate looks we can assume they are very similar if not identical to mine The church overall is very important to me and my family, and the Baptismal certificate that is hanging in my room, reminds me of all the reasons I am a Presbyterian. 

– Mia Esworthy

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