Baptism Gown

Family Baptism Gown
Family Baptism Gown

My object is my baptism dress. It has been passed down through four generations of my family. 
In the Catholic community, being baptised is significant because it recognizes being “buried” and “raised” with Christ. After being baptized, you are recognized in the eyes of God. While being baptized, people are either submerged in water or have water trickled on their forehead. 
My baptism dress was first worn by my grandma's great aunt, Elspeth Tedford in 1906. It was then worn by my grandma, Nancy Walker, and my mom and her two sisters, Allison Chader, Stephanie Jennings and Amy Martin. Most recently, it was worn by me and my two cousins, Emma Martin and Martha Jennings. 

Place(s): Massachusetts, New York


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