Banh Chung


I’ve decided to write about Vietnamese new year cake. It is called banh tet or banh chung. It is made of sticky rice, cooked dried beans, and pork, wraps in banana leaves into a square or a log shape. Banh chung is a traditional food on new year, it is something that bonds family together by making and eating it together. Banh chung symbolized their love and loyalty to their ancestors. Banh chung plays an important role in the new year. Banh chung has that sticky texture from the sticky rice, it also has a dry texture from the cooked beans, but it’s not as dry as you may think. My favorite part is the meat, i save the best for last, i save some sticky rice and a bit of the cooked bean, so it’ll all fit on a spoon so my last bite would be a mouthful. Since my family and i live in America, we usually buy it instead of making it. I would like my family to make it together one day, if we have time. Most of the time my family don’t finish the Banh Chung, so my mom would cut them up into serving sizes, wrap them up in clear wrap and put them in the freezer so when we feel like eating it, we can heat it up. I love to eat banh chung. 

Place(s): Vietnam, St. Paul, Minnesota
Year: 2005

– Myhan Vo

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