Balikbayan box

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Balikbayan box
Balikbayan box

 Balikbayan box is made from cartons, it is used by many Filipinos domestic abroad workers to send clothes, foods, shoes, and many more that are imported to the Philippines. My mother and aunt  are domestic abroad workers because back then when they were young our family was very poor. They were 9 siblings and only one of them was able to finish college. So it was tough because their brothers weren’t able to find a high paying job and their parents only made a little money. Their mother sold Floor wax and their father was a driver. My auntie was first to decide to not finish her studies to work abroad in Hong Kong so she can be able to help her family. And then my mother too but she finished her college but wasn’t able to use it because the work abroad was only house chores. Since then they started to work abroad. It got better and that’s when I remember they were Importing goods inside of those big boxes. I was so happy whenever they opened those boxes. There were so many toys that you won’t be able to find in my hometown. Clothes and backpacks were made of high quality durable and beautiful designs and also chocolates that taste bitter. The boxes reminds me of the hard work of my mother and aunty to help our family and still today. 

Place(s): Philippines, Hong Kong
Year: 1990

– AO

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