Baby's Shoe

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My great grandfather's baby shoe.
My great grandfather's baby shoe.

This shoe was worn by my great grandfather as an infant, over 100 years ago. It is a leather shoe which was once bright white, but with age, it has worn off to a faded grey though still fully intact. My great grandfather grew up in the town of Akron, Iowa, in a family of German immigrants and was the youngest of eight. At the young age of 16, his overbearing mother drove him to leave home, and he traveled the entire US, finding work wherever he could, and worked many odd jobs to make ends meet. Later in his life after a long career of saving money and working, he opened his own business called Williamsburg Maytag Company at 41, which was an appliance and repair shop. This business supported his wife, son, and his daughter, my grandmother. The story of Frank August means a lot to both sides of my family and how his long life of work made it possible for us to lead much easier lives than he did.

– Adi

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