Baby Blanket

Pink and gold baby blanket.
Pink and gold baby blanket.

My object is a blanket, which my family and I refer to as, “the pink baby blanket”. I’m not sure what my blanket is made out of because there is no tag, but my guess would be a mixture of cotton and polyester. I’ve been using this blanket for as long as I can remember to keep me warm, but I also remember using it as a prop (to build forts) when I played with my little brother. When I was born, my Dad’s coworker gave me this blanket, unfortunately I never got to meet that person. My Mom told me about this blanket, and its history has evolved as I have grown up. I was born premature and weighed about 2 pounds, my parents were terrified and the doctors thought that certain things would be wrong with me. My mom says that everything given to her as a gift during the time of my birth was special, which is why we’ve held onto this blanket. Everyone in my family is all about comfort, and that's what this blanket gives! It has always been us sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, laughing with one another, and cooking. My blanket has always connected with me, it is a constant reminder of what could have been if something went wrong when my mom was at the hospital.  I am tremendously thankful for all of my family that came to the hospital and prayed that everything would go well. So, this blanket carries around a lot of importance and significance to me, and who I really am. 

– AAliyah N.

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