Aunt Violet Rolls

The recipe for Aunt Violet Rolls.
The recipe for Aunt Violet Rolls.

Every year at Thanksgiving, my family and I have Aunt Violet dinner rolls. It doesn’t matter if we’re with my mom’s family or my dad’s; someone always makes Aunt Violet rolls. Up until this year, I didn’t even know who Aunt Violet was, but the recipe for Aunt Violet rolls has been passed all around my family. My mom’s aunt and uncle (the only ones actually related to Aunt Violet) gave my parents a recipe book when they got married that included Aunt Violet rolls. Twenty years later and now my dad’s side of the family even knows how good Aunt Violet rolls are. This past May, one of my mom’s cousins got married. We were at the reception when my mom lightly tapped my shoulder. 
“See that older couple eating at the table over there?” she said. “That’s Aunt Violet.”
Honestly, I was shocked. I had kind of assumed at this point that Aunt Violet was dead, and to me, her name was only the title of an old family recipe. Seeing the expression on my face, my mom asked if I wanted to walk over there and meet the infamous Aunt Violet, and I, of course, said yes. Aunt Violet didn’t react much to my mom’s introduction, but when we mentioned how we make her rolls every year at Thanksgiving, her entire face lit up. Later on in the evening, her husband came up to my mom and I to tell us that we made Aunt Violet’s entire year, just by telling her how much we like her rolls. From now on, I’ll always think of Aunt Violet herself every year at Thanksgiving when I have her famous rolls.

– EG

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