Ashley Anzures


My object symbolizes my First Communion. The First communion is a very Important event for all Catholic people as well in my family. My mom thinks this is the second door of being of being even closer to God. First getting baptized at age young as a child then having the First Communion at pre-teen and do our Confirmation as a teenager. So, in my case I got a step closer to God by doing my first communion. The day of my first communion, I was wearing a white puffy dress to represent my pureness. I was also wearing a crown, white gloves, and white heels. I received a bible, a banner saying, “Mi Primera Communion.” It had the bread and the wine drawn and decorated on to it. My Godmother got me a gold necklace with a girl praying to God in the pendants before mass. I had to be in the mass, confess myself, also take the bread and drink the wine.  When the mass was over we took some picture for memories. Later, we went to my Godmother’s house because my parents wanted to celebrate that I completed my first communion. There was lots of food, music, my friends and family and best of all a freaking trampoline! As more people came they all hugged me and gave me a gift. Then a lady came to the party. She is a very religious person from what I know. She came up to me and gave a small white box. And I am a very curious person, so I opened it and it was a beautiful Virgin Mary. I thought it was the best gift I got that night because Virgin Mary is like a second mother to me. That’s why that day and gift is so important for me because it represents the day I got closer to God.   

Place(s): Minneapolis

– Ashley

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