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My grandma's jewelry for her wedding day
My grandma's jewelry for her wedding day

Every piece of jewelry has a story behind it. My family story starts with my grandma. My grandmother’s wedding had been set, for the spring of 1972, with much to be decided upon. In the Pakistani culture, jewelry is a major part of weddings and events. In preparation, the jewelry for her special day had been handmade in Pakistan. Not only was the jewelry expensive, but over time the jewelry became more valuable to the family than money. As time went on after their marriage, the jewelry became a symbol of good health and luck. As a matter of fact, more and more of those who were surrounded by the two lovers could see the couple's happiness throughout their whole lives, spreading joy to those around them. As of present, the beautifully crafted jewelry belongs to my mother, who’s marriage shows others it’s the power of possession. My mother often where’s the ring, however, the rest of the set gets put into our family safe. At the time of purchase, the set had been twenty thousand dollars converted into USD currency. Growing up listening to stories of my grandparents makes me believe in the set's luck as well.  Also, when I grow up, I hope to be given the same opportunity to be given the set from my mother. 

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 1972

– Aruba Nadeem

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